Raised Stencils and Textures


In this class you will be working with 2 different products. 


The first is our Embossing Plaster. This plaster is used to add beautiful accents to your pieces of furniture.  Embossing plaster looks like yummy chocolate pudding but don't be tempted to try it.  Embossing plaster can be used to add some raised texture or through a stencil to give it some dimension.


You could add it to cupboard doors or drawers.  Paint over it or add some furniture frosting or some liquid metals to add pizazz.  The possibilities are endless.


The second product we will be working with is our luscious Luminous Eye Shadow.  Our Luminous Eye Shadow has a thick consistency which makes it perfect for raised stencils.  You can also water it down and roll it over your paint to add a shimmery glow.


In this class we will work  with a pre-stenciled piece and we will make one as well so you know how.  You will paint the pre-stenciled piece in your choice of colours  I will also show you how our Luminous Eye Shadow can be used as a raised stencil too.  It's very pretty with a damask or flowered stencil.


This class should take about 2 to 3 hours. 

Cost:  $95 plus tx

All paint products are 10% off  on the day of the classs.

Dates:  Please contact me for dates